Tucson Museum of Art

We spent an afternoon at the small but interesting TMA. The museum is heavily focused on western art and southwestern art as might be expected of a small regional museum. The collections are also very inclusive of Native American art forms as well as Mexican and South American folk art. An interesting point that comes through at this museum is the differentiation that does not but should exist in defining all Native American art as a single entity. In fact there are significant artistic differences between the multitude of tribes and Native Americans prefer to be identified as a member of their particular tribe or nation.

TMA also participates with the Kasser Mochary Art Foundation to bring notable works to the museum as ‘loaned” pieces. The last painting pictured below is one of the current loaned pieces. A beautiful Manet.

Definitely worth a visit when you are in Tucson.

Arizona Landscape, c. 1949 Norma Basset Hall
Eucalyptus Tree, 1965 Clark Hulings
Mudhead Katsina Motif, 1910 Dine’ (Navajo)
Untitled, Henry Belink
White Clothes, 1980 Denham Clements
Bloc de Rochers, Belle-Ile, Monet


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