Coronado Cave

While spending a few days in Bisbee we took a drive to Coronado National Memorial. This NPS managed area bordering Mexico was created to “interpret the Coronado expedition”. As there are no physical remnants of this expedition of conquest within the memorial boundaries we are not sure we understand the rationale for creating this park.

The good news is that we visited the memorial to hike and do some caving. The better news is that we hiked up to the Coronado Cave and spent a couple of hours exploring the cave in complete solitude (and darkness)!

This is one of the few caves within the NPS system that requires no guide and is still in a completely natural state – no lighting, stairs, rails, etc. To access the cave requires a 500 foot climb up Montezuma Peak and then a rock scramble down to the    cave floor. The cave is only about 600 feet long but has a number of side and downward tunnels which require crawling to explore.

The cave is not home to bats if you were wondering, but does have growing stalagmites and stalactites.

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