Returning Home Part 1: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi

After deciding to shorten our trip due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are still keeping to more scenic routes, backways and small towns whenever possible as we return to Connecticut.

From Texas we passed into Louisiana and toured the low country along the Gulf before heading north and making stops in Lafayette and Baton Rouge.After Baton Rouge we continued north into Mississippi and spent a night in the beautiful town of Natchez which sits high above the Mississippi River on a bluff. From Natchez we traveled north on the Natchez Trace Parkway. The NTP is a 440 mile road that follows the path that Native Americans and later Euro-Americans used to travel by foot back to Tennessee and Kentucky after floating down the Mississippi on rafts to trading posts. The entire route from Natchez to Nashville is a national park. There are many historic sites as well as hikes and walks that can be accessed on this beautiful trip. We followed the road as far as the Tennessee/Alabama border before departing to travel east across Northern Alabama.

We will pick up the Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville, North Carolina and plan on driving the full route which terminates in Front Royal, VA.

We have included a collection of some of our favorites sights as we drove through Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Be seeing you!

Saint Mary Catholic Mission Church, Marathon, Texas
Gage Hotel, 1927, Marathon, Texas

Gage Hotel Lobby
Marathon, Texas
Langtry, Texas – Home of Judge Roy Bean
Uvalde, Texas

Sabine National Wildlife Refuge, Hackberry, Louisiana
Holly Beach, Louisiana

Cathedral of Saint John The Evangelist, 1916, Lafayette, Louisiana

The Cathedral Oak, Estimated to be 500 Years Old, Lafayette, Louisiana
Street Murals, Lafayette, Louisiana

Mississippi River, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Swamp Blues Legends from baton Rouge aka Red Stick
Martin Luther King, Jr., Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Bontura House, 1851, Natchez, Owned by Free Black Businessman Robert Smith
Rosalie Mansion, 1823, Owned by Peter Little, Cotton Broker
Line Boat Pushing Barges North on the Mississippi Under the Natchez Bluff

Natchez Trace, Mississippi

The King

Honoring the Soldiers of the C.S.A.
Tornado Damage in Tishomingo, Mississippi

3 thoughts on “Returning Home Part 1: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi

  1. hello maria and steve.. tonight i started to review your adventures.. how wonderful and exciting it is to be free.. it is late and i am signing off but will be back another day to view more.. hugs, robin and bill


    1. Robin,
      We are so glad that you have had an opportunity to take a look at our blog. It was a pleasure to meet you and Bill. We had a great time chatting with both of you around the campfire. Thanks for inviting us to join the parking lot surprise festivities.
      Steve + Maria


  2. Hey guys unfortunate you have to cut the trip short this time. I hear it’s your birthday Stevie, Happy Birthday 🎈 ( I’m actually not real happy about my birthday anymore). But enjoy 😉, it’s only a number right? (A big one). Hope to see you guys soon, as soon as this blows over

    Liked by 1 person

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