Desert to Mountains to Coast

After departing JTNP we spent a day in the town of Joshua Tree just north of the park. JT, like many other small and remote towns or name places we have visited, emanates a quirky, free thinking and independent vibe. 

We have met a number of artists – painters and scupltors – who were originally passing through a town but ended up staying or coming back. Clearly, many artists find the setting in these towns or areas conducive to pursuing whatever form of art it is that they have a passion for without regard to commercial success – perhaps just the opposite.

An additional observation is that there also exists in JT and many of the other small towns we have visited a freely expressed deep and fundamental belief in God and Country. This is just a general observation based on what we have seen and the people we have met – we are not expressing an opinion or personal point of view in making this comment.

Changing gears: We left Joshua Tree and drove north through the Mojave Desert and then turned westward to climb up into the San Bernadino Mountains on the Rim of the World Highway (CA 18, 38, 138). The road gains almost 5000 feet in elevation in just a matter of several miles and then provides breathtaking views as you eventually cross the entire range before descending down into Cajon Junction and leaving the SBNF. 

We will be moving north along the coast of California again over the next week and then tackling Death Valley NP. We included some photos below from the beach in Carpenteria where we are staying for a couple of days.

Thanks for continuing to follow along and allowing us to share our experiences, observations and opinions as we wander about our amazing country. 0152

Carpenteria, California


Santa Ynez Mountains – Los Padres NF
Cafe Luxxe – Malibu – Gratuitius Cappuccino Photo!
Lake Arrowhead
Fawnskin, CA – San Bernardino NF
Giant Rock Coffee – Route 247 – Mojave Desert – In the middle of nowhere a great coffee joint!
What Constitutes a Town – Coffee + Yoga?
Camping in the Mojave Desert – Joshua Tree City


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