City of Rocks National Reserve, Almo, ID

We are officially back on the road! Day one consisted of making our way through Ogden (Wasatch Coffee Roasters) and then on to City of Rocks National Reserve (CORNR) Our backroad route took us through Naf, ID. It is officially a ghost town but still boasts one human resident and a dog.

The CORNR is a mecca for climbers and scramblers with its many and varied rock formations. We stayed for three days to take advantage of the ample scrambling and scenic hiking opportunities.

The area that is now CORNR was a major stopping point for emigrants heading to California between the 1840 and 1870. We were able to hike along portions of the route and see the dated signatures of many of the emigrants – applied with axle grease used for the wagons.

There are terrific campsites located around the CORNR which provide tremendous views of the rock formations and the dark night sky. (002.003.004)

Twin Sisters Rock Formation

Morning Glory Spire, Crack of Doom, Anteater Rock Formations

9 thoughts on “City of Rocks National Reserve, Almo, ID

  1. Awesome pics! We are so excited to be following you guys on this amazing journey! Thanks for sharing!


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