Kolob Terrace Road

On Wednesday afternoon we drove the Kolob Terrace Road to take in the views of the terrace and Zion NP to our east. The road ends at the Kolob Resevoir after 24 miles and an elevation gain of over 1000 ft. We traveled to mile 18 where the road is still closed due  to remaining snow making the road impassable. Great views and a refreshing drop of about 10 degrees in temperature from the desert floor below.


Kolob Terrace


2 thoughts on “Kolob Terrace Road

  1. Sue,
    Maria and I were just discussing the same topic. Over the last six years we have traveled through a good portion of Utah and experienced much of the beauty and met many very nice Utahns. Now that we have explored all of the National Parks we think we are ready to explore a new area more deeply. Maybe California with its many National Parks. See you soon.


  2. Just beautiful! You’re going to have to find another state to travel to next year, seems like you’ve covered so much of utah! Miss you guys!


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