New Mexico Street Murals: Farmington to ABQ

Our drive south through New Mexico has been delightful. We have met many nice people from NM. The scenery is spectacular and the temperatures are increasingly warmer by the day.

An added bounus on this trip to date has been the street mural scene. We have found excellent murals in every town (regardless of size) and a plethora of murals in the many distinct neighborhoods of ABQ. We could literally spend a month in ABQ and not find every one of the murals.

We have included a small sample of our favorites for your enjoyment. Wherever we have been able to identify the artist or organization we have noted that in the caption.

Be seeing you!

Farmington, NM

Heck Ironcloud


Santa Fe, NM


Albuquerque, NM

Echoes of the Future, Kevin Zuckerman, etal.

Untitled, Larry Bob Philips
Silence, Compassion and Social Justice, Ernest Doty
Fracking, Larry Bob Phillips
Untitled, Kerry Bergen

The Mother Road, Working Classroom

Conductor, Chris Stain

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