Turquoise Trail: Cerrillos, NM

After our pleasant stay in Santa Fe we traveled the 50 miles to Albuquerque via State Highway 14 also known as the Turquoise Trail. Highway 14 winds through rolling hills and provides long views of several mountain ranges. We stopped to explore the tiny village of Cerrillos.

Cerrillos was a mining town for several centuries with the Tano Indians mining turquoise from the surrounding hills. Later the Spanish and Euro-Americans mined lead, silver and gold. As the mine played out during the early 1900’s the population dwindled.

Today the population of Cerrillos is 229 people. What remains is a classic western town with dirt streets lined by a saloon, general store and a trading post. There is also a Catholic church still operating despite the diminutive population.

The town has been used for the filming of several western genre films for obvious reasons.

We enjoyed this stop very much. All of the local folks we met were quite friendly. The residents really like their way of life and sense of community here.

Madrid, the town directly south of Cerrillos is very cute but has developed into much more of a tourist draw with losts of touristy shops and restaurants if that is more your speed.

Be seeing you!

Stock Photo – Main Street
First Street

Tiles from Courtyard, St Joseph’s Church
Wooden Statues in St Joseph’s Courtyard

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