Snowshoeing Strawberry Pass

Fiona and I braved the 7F temperature today to take our first snowshoe adventure of the trip. We enjoyed great pow with all the recent snow and another seven inches arriving last evening. We spent several hours looping through a number of trails on the south side of Strawberry Pass (5300 El). A peaceful setting as we enjoyed solitude and a forest covered with freshly fallen snow.


Cookie Jar!

Great snowshoeing today with all the recent snow. We left Nancy Greene Summit trailhead heading to the Mosquito Cabin within the Rossland Range trail system. On the way we found the Cookie Jar cabin originally constructed during the early 60’s and decommissioned in 2015. The cabin is still in relatively good shape but as you can see by the photos below well covered with snow. The cabin has been designated for preservation as an historic landmark. We followed a steep trail which ascended apx. 600 feet in the first three quarters of mile making for a strenuous hike with the starting elevation of 5200 feet and the deep powder. We did not reach the cabin as the last half mile to the cabin was exposed ridgeline with high winds.

After completing our hike we went into town for lunch. After lunch we visited Kootenay Gateway which features local artists. There we met Rachel who works locally as a guide. She is originally from New Zealand and has skied all over the world. She met her current partner when skiing at Red Mountain eight years ago and they conducted a long distance relationship for two years as Rachel spent half the year in New Zealand and the remainder here in Rossland. They now live here in Rossland and have a four year old daughter. Rachel says the best snow in the world for skiing is in Japan (we have not booked the trip yet!).

More importantly, Rachel tipped us off to the Mountain Nugget for locally made chocolate and the best hot chocolate! We followed that tip by eating at Mook Thai Restaurant which was recommended to us by the owner of a local shoe store – The Red Pair (two red headed sons!). Excellent Thai and Chang Beer to boot (no pun intended).

Notes: The selfie of the two of us has pine needles in the photo because we perched the camera on a pine tree branch. The bottom photo is Coumbia Street, the main street in Rossland with several of the ski mountains in the backdrop. There is one traffic light in Rossland although it is a blinking light (not sure if that counts).




Snowshoeing Nancy Greene Summit


Today we drove up to the Nancy Greene Summit and snowshoed in the Kootenay Boundary. A beautiful day. The trailhead is at 5100 feet. There is an extensive trail network with a number of small cabins heated by wood burning stoves. We met several other snowshoers and several people back country skiing. Everyone here seems to have dogs and  they accompany their owners with great enthusiasm while snowshoeing and skiing. We hiked to the Red Dog Hut which is maintained by the Rossland Senior Citizens Association!

Alpine Grind and hot tub followed  by early bed.


  Maria Monique

Red Dog Hut


Cookie’s Road

Red Mountain Rossland BC Canada

Our first day at Red Mountain after a smooth but long travel day on Thursday. A beautiful day! I met an 84 year old women named Renata while riding the chair. She is originally from Germany but while mountain climbing in the Colorado Rockies in 1960 met a Canadian mountain climber. They fell immediately in love and she never retruned to Germany. She is an avid skier. Her son was on the Canadian olympic team and has skied all over the world.

After skiing Maria and I drove into Rossland and had our first cappuccino and london fog of the trip at the Alpine Grind and finished with dinner at Idgies.

Rossland is a small town with a year round population of around 3500 people. Everyone is very friendly and the place is very mellow.

A great start to our Rossland adventure. Tomorrow we will be snowshoeing and heading north to Nelson, BC (the marijuana capital of Canada) in search of coffee roasters.


View from Grey Mountain


Schulz Trees “Trail”


Alpine Grind


Plenty of snow!