Street art from the road: Amarillo street murals

Hoodoo mural festival


When we visited Amarillo the second Hoodoo Mural Festival had just wrapped up. Five large scale wall murals were commissioned for this year’s festival. We spent a relaxing Sunday afternoon viewing the murals. The murals are all within a very walkable area along Polk Street in downtown Amarillo.


All of the murals are impressive – not just for the scale – but for the quality, creativity and artistry. Please see the festival website for more information about the festival and the muralists. We have broken the murals down into sections due the large size.

Hoodoo Mural Festival:

We have included the muralist’s Instagram account for the murals shown below.

@malcolm_byers (2019 Festival)

@ d r e w


Historic Route 66 district

Outside of downtown on a portion of 6th Avenue (Historic Route 66) there are a number of excellent murals that we have included.


We feel compelled to include a local Amarillo landmark – Cadillac Ranch – bring your spray paint and have a go.

Be seeing you.

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