Fine art tourist: Taos is art

Fechin’s house

Nicolai Fechin emigrated, along with his wife and daughter, from Russia to New York City in 1923. He was already a well-established artist when he arrived in the States. Fechin developed tuberculosis while living in New York City, visited Taos in 1926 in search of a healthier environment and moved to Taos in 1927.

Fechin purchased an adobe revival house and, along with several members of the Taos Pueblo, worked on expanding and renovating the property for about six years. The beautiful property pictured in this post is the result of those labors.

The house is now part of the Taos Art Museum, exhibiting paintings by Fechin and other well known southwest artists. The property surrounding the home was sold in order to raise the initial funds to convert the property to a museum. Fortunately, the family created covenants to prohibit the home from being occupied as a private residence.

Gallery, formerly Nicolai and Alexandra’s bedroom
Second floor siting room

With the exception of two pieces, all of the furniture in the house was hand carved by Fechin. Additionally, he carved all of the closets and interior doors throughout the house.

Fechin’s art

As we mentioned earlier in the post Fechin was an established artist when he emigrated to New York City. We have included below a gallery of some of his paintings which are on display throughout the house.

Taos museum of art at fehcin house

The collection at Fechin House also includes a number of paintings by other renowned artists. We have included photgrpahs of several of our favorites below.

Joseph Henry Sharp – Taos Landscape, n.d. Oil on canvas.
W. Herbert “Buck” Dunton – Study, McMillian Guide, n.d. Oil on canvas.
W. Victor Higgins – Taos Landscape, Aspens, and Pines. n.d. Oil on canvas.
Oscar E. Berninghaus – Crossing the Arroyo, 1944. Oil on canvas.
Joseph Henry Sharp – The Entrance, n.d. Oil on canvas.

We have posted on our visit to Taos (The High Road to Taos and Taos) previously and recommended Taos as worthy of a several day visit. The Taos Museum of Art at Fechin House is an additional reason to visit Taos as part of your New Mexico travel plans.

Be seeing you.

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